Expert Talk #1: Dr. Trevor Cates

Glowing Skin and Graceful Aging

  • Why our skin is a primary indicator for overall health
  • What you may have never heard from a dermatologist about skin health that is actually very important
  • What foods create glowing skin and vibrant health, and which ones create the opposite
  • Why homemade skincare products are important.

Expert Talk #2: Daniel G. Amen, MD

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

  • Learn the major principles in leading a brain healthy life.
  • Optimal foods for brain health.
  • The ideal lifestyle considerations for maintaining your memory and brain functioning.
  • How to assess your current brain health.

Expert Talk #3: Dr. Michael Murray The Top 5

Superfoods I Eat Everyday

  • Learn the surprising, top 5 superfoods you can eat everyday to stay healthy and fight the aging process.
  • Why focusing on superfoods is a key element to your health.