Alan Christianson, NMD

Making the best decisions for your thyroid health is much easier when you have the right tools. I hope you are able to incorporate these practice into your daily health habits.  I trust this tools will aid you on your journey to better thyroid health!

I've extensively researched and studied thyroid disease as a passionate advocate for thyroid health awareness. My first book, A Complete Idiot's Guide to Thyroid Disease, was an overview of all things thyroid. With Healing Hashimotos: A Savvy Patient's Guide I dove further into the details of Hashimoto's.  Even though this book has an emphasis on Hashimoto’s Disease, there is a lot of valuable and helpful information for all thyroid patients, not just those suffering from Hashimoto’s.

Healing Hashimoto’s - A Savvy Patient’s Guide

Audio Book:

Thyroid 101 Part 1 - MP3

Thyroid 101 Part 2 - MP3

Detox Part 1 - MP3

Detox Part 2 -MP3

Weight Part 1 - MP3

Weight Part 2 - MP3

Optimize Your Thyroid Dose - MP3

Heal Your Adrenals - MP3

Take Thyroid-Friendly Supplements - MP3